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We shine a light on the inspiring and innovative creators who help to define the underground community of New York City. Through intimate interviews and local NYC spots, we hope to spread an understanding of creative individuals around us and promote cultural education.


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Episode 9 / Jonathan Torres

Episode 9 follows Jonathan Torres, a multifaceted fine artist based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. We visited the Puerto Rican native's studio to discuss the narrative aspects of his work and the thought process behind his deconstructed paintings and sculptures. Jonathan's dark aesthetic and use of multimedia materials makes him a unique and important member of the local art community.

Previous episodes

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Episode 8 / Bob Gravity

In Episode 8 we interviewed Bob Gravity. Bob is a New York City based, progressive music producer focusing predominantly on Techno and House music. Despite being in the early stages of his career, his music claimed him an impressive reputation within the underground techno scene and in public. He uses music as a platform for experimental forms of self expression which can be directly understood through his sounds. We talked about the future of music, human influence on electronic production, digital VS analog, collaboration with his crew and much more.

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Episode 7 / Mela Murder

In episode 7, we kicked it with NYC underground dancer, Mela Murder. Mela, whose roots lay in Brooklyn lets us peer into her life as a former Diplo dancer, following her into her new journey as a solo dancer/ artist. Watch as we go to Brooklyn Zoo, her personal studio and even her mothers home as we get to know this iconic underground NYC dancer better. Check out the episode for more intimate moments with Mela Murder.

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Episode 6 / Ricardo Cabret

Ricardo Cabret is a Puerto Rican, Queens based multi-media/traditional artist. With inspiration flowing from his programming and other computer work, the geometry in his work is without a parallel. A delicate process of digital vs analog transformation gives Cabret’s work a very distinct character. We talked art, programming, street art work and more.

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Episode 5 / Adrian Lau

In episode 5, we interviewed Adrian Lau. A talented musician from Brooklyn and a member of Surf School music group. Adrian, aside from being a rapper also produces his own music. He closely collaborates with Harry Fraud, who produced his most recent EP – Projections. We talked, music, production, and lifestyle connected to his creative life. Check out the episode for an insight into the life of a musician from NYC.

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Episode 4 / Brandon Sines

In episode 4, we chilled with Brandon Sines. Brandon is a Brooklyn based street artist and painter. Originally from Canada, he came down to NYC to make music, and then changed his path when he invented Frank the Ape. Frank is a personified reflection of Brandon. A simplistic, hairy, cartoonish character brings life to Sines’s work. Using various mediums and fuzing them through the use of Frank, Sine’s work has a very distinct character, wether if it is in his paintings, photographs or his street art.

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Episode 3 / Ramiro Davaro-Comas

For our third episode, we talked with Ramiro Davaro-Comas. Ramiro is a multi talented artist. Originally from Argentina, Ramiro lived in NYC for a big chunk of his life. Currently he is predominantly working on his paintings, street art and illustrations. Recently he published a witty illustration book called Manimal Friends. We shot with him at home, talked past a little bit and then we moved to Montrose stop to do a mural on Meserole street and to talk a little more. Watch the episode to discover what it is like being an artist in NYC.

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Episode 2 / Nolan Lee

In our second episode, we got together with Nolan Lee, a NYC skateboarding OG and a founder of POW!! Skateboards. We talked history of NYC skateboarding scene, POW!! mobile skate shop truck, and the beginning of POW!! and it’s recent collaboration with EthikNY. Watch the episode to get a taste of NYC skate culture.

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Episode 1 / Chelsea Reject

In episode one, we take a look at the life of an up-incoming female rapper from Brooklyn, Chelsea Reject. Chelsea has been recently signed to Duck Down records, as the first female to release a solo album on this legendary hip hop label in the last two decades. Watch the episode to find out more about the inner processes that lead to her creativity. This is cultural history in the making, caught on video.

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